China Sugar Cooking Pot  

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Industrial steam tilting sugar jacketed kettles
Introduction for industrial steam tilting sugar jacketed kettels:
1. Cooking pot is Full burning, smokeless,dust-free, little carbon, and no environmental pollution.
2. Cooking kettle ‘s Flame temperature can be regulated optionally, highest temperature 300 °C or so.
3. Sugar cooking keetle is Reasonable structure and convenient operation.
4. Sauce cooking machine is Energy saving, fierce fire, thermal efficiency is increased by 25% or so compared with similar products.
5. Fuel: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), pipe coal gas, natural gas, and oil is strictly prohibited.
6. Gas consumption: about 20% lower than the similar products.
Main parameter for industrial steam tilting sugar jacketed kettels:
Metric volume(L)4005006008001000
Caliber (mm)Φ1000Φ1100Φ1200Φ1300Φ1400
Depth of pot(mm)680730780830900
Heating area(m2)1.7522.33.23.9
Heat transfer oil QTY.(L)7080100200250
Mixing power(Kw) Sugar Cooking Pot

Publicado : 24/01/2019 7:02 am

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